Environmental Endurance

The preservation of our environment  is one of the key issues facing our nation today.  At Materials Innovation Technologies it is part of every function of our business, from R&D to manufacturing operations.  Manufacturers are placed under great scrutiny and the need for more environmentally responsible technologies is on the forefront.  Through our MIT-RCF division we are addressing the need for waste elimination and energy conservation by repurposing carbon fiber components and bringing them full circle.  Our ability to reclaim carbon fibers from manufacturing scrap and end-of-life parts and utilize them in the manufacture of preforms and finished parts offers our customers an innovative solution in sustainable composite technology.  Look for our Green Symbol on our materials and processes. 

Economic & Social Endurance

Our efforts go beyond the green and aim for higher levels of sustainability.  In addition to environmental preservation, we are committed to economic growth and improved standards of living.  Our 3-DEP™ and reclamation processes reduce overall production costs and increase the bottom line.  The demand for greener technologies creates the opportunity for new markets and job growth.  Furthermore, reducing pollution and preserving the environment are imperative to a higher quality of life, providing clean air, water, and land.

Member of AFRA

AFRA, the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, is an international organization dedicated to the efficient and environmentally-sound handling of the world’s aging aircraft.  The association is comprised of OEM’s, aircraft disassembly entities, part distributors, aircraft insurers and appraisers, material recyclers and technology developers who are collectively targeting 90% recyclability of global fleet by 2016.  AFRA has established Best Management Practices for aircraft dismantling and recycling, setting the standard for processes, procedures and tolls that maximize environmental performance levels.  To learn more go to