Materials Innovation Technologies – Headquarters and R&D Center

Fletcher, North Carolina is home to Materials Innovation Technologies’ headquarters and R&D center.  Our 10,000 sq. ft.  facility houses our design, engineering, and sales departments, and serves as the Center for Ideation – “Where great minds come together”.  Emerging composite technologies are continuously being developed here, and collobarative partnerships are fostered in an effort to provide the most innovative and comprehensive solutions. 


MIT-RCF – Reclamation & Manufacturing

Our state of the art reclamation and manufacturing facility is located in Lake City, South Carolina.  The 50,000 sq.ft. facility houses carbon fiber reclamation, as well as molding and manufacturing operations utilizing a custom, large-scale 3-DEP™ machine.  This manufacturing facility has the capacity to process 3-5 million pounds of carbon fiber scrap annually that can be repurposed as commercial fibers, preforms, and molded components.